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In late 2009, AMI recognized a displacement in the market - small and mid-sized publishers have an unsustainable cost structure related to their publishing operations. AMI has created a Publishing Services menu of services to allow these publishers to take advantage of AMI's economies of scale. On the operational side, AMI is able to leverage its buying power and expertise for the procurement of paper, printing pre-press, promotional materials, back-office operations, and publishing management skills.

On the circulation side, AMI can provide all services, from subscription solicitation to fulfillment. And on the advertising side, AMI offers complete sales & marketing support (print and digital), as well as integration into the AMI network of brands to increase audience mass and demographic appeal.

Participating publishers realize significant savings and revenue enhancements and AMI charges a percentage fee on both. Many publishers have availed themselves of all of AMI's services including sales & marketing.

AMI’s publishing capabilities are vast:

  • AMI publishes 15 titles at 13 printing facilities with an annual print order exceeding 400 million copies
  • AMI produces 35 billion+ annual pages of both offset and rotogravure platforms and has an annual print budget of $45 million
  • AMI has extensive experience in all aspects of prepress, managing the color of more than 500 images per week
  • AMI purchases and uses more than 110 million pounds of paper per year - securing high-quality product at below-market prices
  • AMI manages the transportation and distribution of more than 6 million magazine copies to 300+ North American wholesaler locations via 60 trucks a week.

AMI offers years of experience in circulation management:

AMI is eager to deliver to other publishers efficiency, scale, revenue growth, and effective strategies to compete in today's challenging environment.

For more information about AMI Publishing Services, please contact:

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