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A Trusted Source for Breaking Entertainment News and Lifestyle through the Lens of Celebrity

Editorial Mission Statement
UsWeekly and are priority destinations for affluent readers who love entertainment and lifestyle content through the lens of celebrity news. The vaunted brand is a trusted source that sparks conversations about pop culture with up-to-the-minute headlines and direct-from-the-source intel that speaks to our audience’s passion points. The brand’s currency and authority firmly positions Us as a leading voice in pop culture, entertainment and celebrity.

Market Position Statement
Us Weekly advertisers cut through the clutter with mass reach to engage a highly coveted consuming audience.  Driven by currency and authority in breaking entertainment news, style and beauty, fitness/health and family, Us Weekly aligns advertisers messages in real time with authenticity across a broad spectrum of lifestyle content exclusively presented through the lens of celebrity. Advertisers benefit from the priority and intensity of this connection to an early adoptive audience seeking must-have-now essentials--one living a multi-faceted and socially active life.


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